Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

Hello again....

Dear readers, welcome on my blog in the new year 2014. Unfortunately the beginning wasn´t nicely  because I was ill uncommon long with high fever and all around. But now it´s over *hopefully* and it´s time to be creative again. I´ve missed it a lot! 

Next I want to tell you one more reason why I am so happy and honored. It´s the best to start in the new year with these following teams:

Webster´s Pages (year 3)
GlitzDesign (year 2)
CitrusTwist Kits (year 2)
Histoires de Pages 
Kits de Somni

Furthermore I wanted to show you a scrapbook page using the Glitz Design Finnley collection. My favorite one. I love the color combination of red, white and the bright green. And the little deer is too cute, right? 
Thanks for stopping by today. This means a lot to me!


shire hat gesagt…

Ooooooh, das ist ein wundervolles Layout!! Das Kit habe ich hier auch noch rumliegen :) Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu den vielen Teams :)
Liebe Grüße,

Nathalie hat gesagt…

So glad to read that you are feeling creative again after not feeling good :) your page is so very pretty! Congrats on all those Design Teams too!!!

Lea Lawson hat gesagt…

Congrats on your teams!! I LOVE this layout!! Hope you are feeling so much better!

Marie-Pierre Capistran hat gesagt…

Ich habe gerade dein blog an meinem blog roll addiert, weil ich liebe dein Styl. :)